We are an Anglican church full of ordinary people seeking to follow an extraordinary God.  

Rev Guy Matthews 
Senior Minister   

Guy was appointed Rector in February 2012. He has a passion for teaching the bible and is confident in the power of the gospel to transform lives. He is married to Sita.  They have four adult children and two grandchildren. They enjoy participating together in 'adventure sports'. Contact: guy.matthews7@gmail.com

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Rev Tim Purser
Associate Minister.

Tim joined our staff at the beginning of 2016 to be the pastor for our 4.30PM congregation. He grew up in Canberra before leaving to study Commerce/Law at the University of New England. Tim practiced as a lawyer before studying theology in Sydney and moving back to Canberra. He is married to Elaine and they have a baby daughter Anita. Tim enjoys bush walks, travel and good coffee. Contact: assistantministercurtin@gmail.com

Rev Martin Christensen
Honorary Associate.

Martin is married to Cath and they have four adult children. Martin has worked as an naval architect but is now the full-time chaplain for Australian Border Force as well as a Navy Reserve chaplain.  He still finds time with Cath to serve at the Good Shepherd.

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Sita Matthews
Women's Ministry Leader

Sita is married to Guy and works full-time at the Good Shepherd in an honourary capacity.  She believes women have a vital role for the health of churches and families and so has a passion for discipling women in Christian life.  She loves cycling and spending time with Guy and the grandchildren. Contact: sita.matthews@gmail.com

Su Whyte
Church Administrator.

Su is employed part-time as our church administrator. She is married to Brendan. She would be pleased to answer questions that you might have.  She is in our office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Contact: goodshepherd.curtin@gmail.com


Libby Gale
Children's Minister.

Libby joined our staff at the beginning of 2017 as the Children's Minister. She originally hails from Sydney where she worked as a teacher but came to Canberra via Vietnam and Wagga Wagga. Libby is passionate about seeing children have a personal relationship with Jesus. She is married to Dave. Contact: shepherdkids.curtin@gmail.com


Carlos Aguilera
Music Minister.

Carlos joined our staff in July 2017 after working for a Christian non-for-profit organisation that took him to the Middle East to help persecuted followers of Jesus. He is a passionate individual who loves to gather with others to magnify the name of Jesus. He believes that 'we exist in order to make the most of Jesus'. Carlos loves to hang out with his wife Merran and his son Ari. He loves all things 'hipster', tech, visuals and really good long-blacks! Contact: shepherdmusic.curtin@gmail.com

Our Mission:

The Good Shepherd has been a light to the people in South Canberra for over half a century.  It continues to be a place where people from all backgrounds, cultures and nations meet to give thanks to God for his amazing love shown to us in His Son Jesus.

Our Mission is to help all people know, love and live for Jesus.

Our Values:

At the Good Shepherd, our core values are:

 We are creatures made to glorify our creator.
 We aim for this in all we do.   (Revelation 4:11)

 All things were made through and for Jesus and salvation is found in Christ alone.
 Therefore we seek to promote Christ in all we do.  (Colossians 1:15-20)

 Following the example of Jesus we aim to act in love toward one another and toward  our community.  (John 13:34)

 Prayer is an expression of our dependence upon God and our relationship with him as our  heavenly Father.  Prayer is a priority in all our gatherings.  (Ephesians 6:18)

 We believe that all Christians have the Holy Spirit.
 We are confident in the powerful work of the Spirit in and through us.  (Acts 1:8)

 We are confident that the bible is the living and powerful word of God that changes lives.
 We believe the bible is sufficient for all we need to know about God.  (Hebrews 4:12)

 In obedience to Jesus’ commission we are proactive in making mature disciples for Jesus.  (Matthew 28:18-20)

Safe Community:

We are committed to providing and ensuring that our church is a Safe Ministries church. We seek to build and maintain a safe community of faith by:

  • fostering relationships between members, and those of the wider community, based on the teachings of Jesus;
  • providing a safe and secure environment where all people can feel respected;
  • providing responsible and loving Christian leadership and management practices built on a scriptural base; this includes requiring all our leaders -paid and voluntary - to undertake the Creating Safe Ministry Course administered by the Diocese , and
  • ensuring that any cases of alleged abuse, neglect or grievances and complaints are handled in a consistent, unbiased and thorough manner.

More details about our Safe Communities Policy can be provided on request.

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